About us

The soft character and the beauty of the Bernese Mountain Dog is something that struck us from the first time we saw the dogs. Since 1980 we have as kennel «'t Stokerybos» our first Bernese Mountain Dog. In 1984 we started the professional breeding of these magnificent dogs.

We are now in the fifth generation Bernese Mountain Dogs and we are very proud of Loef, Kita, Nanten, Nouschka, Qwynta, Sulivan, Rany, Urgenta, Xiera, Xzorba, some of our multi-champions. Some of the desendants are Zorbha, Cybele, Amber, Alegria en Bonet, see champion gallery.

For the moment we have more than 50 champions with 125 titles. The top is EMERSON van 't STOKERYBOS, in 2008: Belgian Top-dog all breeds Eukanuba Award.

Mozart van 't Stokerybos

Best of breed Eurodogshow Kortrijk 2014
Best of Group II
Third Best in Show
Thanks to the Judges :
Mrs L. Mach.   Mrs J. Lawless   Mr N. Deschuymere

BKZS National Specialit

Just Enjoy & Molly van 't Stokerybos

Thanks to the Jugde Stephen Green from UK

Jerome van 't Stokerybos

Belgian Winner 2013
Thanks to the Judge Mrs J. Stefancova

Miss Belgium van 't Stokerybos

Best BMD female on the Eurdogshow Kortrijk CRUFTS Qualification
Thanks to the judge Mrs. L. Mach from Switserland

Just Enjoy van 't Stokerybos & Just Funny van 't Stokerybos

Best opposite & Best of Breed

Pinkstershow Arnhem Netherlands
Thanks to the Judges J. Smojver - Selimovic HR

Kronblommas Pajazzo

Belgium International Luxembourg Champion.
CAC on Championad de France 2014.
Bred by: Björn Magnusson from Kronblommas kennel Sweden

Thank You Björn Magnusson for this great dog !

Jerome van 't Stokerybos

Best in Show

BKZS National Speciality

Emerson van 't Stokerybos

Multi Champion
Winner European dogshow Zabgreb Croatië 2007
Best in Show Lausanne 2007
Best in Show Eurodogshow Kortrijk 2007
World Champion Stockholm 2008
Crufts Winner 2008
World Champion bratislava 2009